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This page is to disseminate information regarding the activities of the Custodian of the Uniform Work for the Fifth Masonic District of the Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of the State of Georgia.

Master Masons from all recognized jurisdictions are welcome at all functions.

Fifth District Custodial Staff

Ray Magill is (as of 7 August) the Interim Custodian. Ray is Worshipful Master of Gate City Lodge No. 2.

Gergory Foster is Custodian Emeritus, having served 18 years as Custodian. Greg is a Past Master of East Point Lodge No. 288 and a member of College Park Lodge No. 454. Greg is also a Masonic Education and Leadership Development Director, a past District Master, and a past District Deputy.

Past Custodians of the Fifth District include Lowell Hollums, Albert F. Garner, Jr., Gregory Foster, Robert L. "Bobby" Jones, and David M. "Davo" Herman.


Fifth District School of Instruction

  • School of Instruction of the North was held on Saturday, 20 February at Roswell 165; 8am breakfast, 9am start
  • School of Instruction of the South was held on February 5, 12, 19, and 26 at Palmetto 74, 8pm start

Monthly Coaching & Practice Schedule

Ray holds practice for Gate City Lodge No. 2 on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at the Atlanta Masonic Center, and guests are welcome. Catechism work is available after lodge practices.

Davo will coach at the Chamblee-Sardis Masonic Center Sunday, 8 and 15 August:

  • 0800, Master Mason work
  • 0930, Fellow Craft work
  • 1030, Entered Apprentice work

Board of Custodians Schedule

The Board of Custodians meets quarterly to discuss, practice, demonstrate, and answer questions about the Uniform Work. Our 2021 schedule is:

  • At 9am on Saturday, 20 March, at Riverside Masonic Temple, Macon. (completed)
  • At 9am on Saturday, 19 June, at Riverside Masonic Temple, Macon. (completed)
  • At 9am on Saturday, 07 August, at Riverside Masonic Temple, Macon. (completed)
  • At 9am on Tuesday, 26 October, at the Macon Centreplex.

Master Masons are welcome to attend Custodian meetings, to observe and to ask questions.

Proficiency Cards

In accordance with GL Code 2-213 and 61-106:

  • A White Card is issued by the Custodian at the request of a Lodge’s Director of Work (or Secretary) for proficiency in the questions and answers of the catechism for the three degrees.
  • A Blue Card is issued by the Custodian at the request of a Lodge’s Director of Work (or Secretary) for proficiency in ALL aspects of the ritual, including White Card requirements.
  • A Green Card is issued (one per lodge) by the Custodian to the Director of Work appointed by the Worshipful Master.
  • An Orange Card is issued by the Custodian, at his discretion, to those individuals who have demonstrated both ritual proficiency and a willingness to help instruct others.
  • A Purple Card is a Masonic Legend, and does not exist in this jurisdiction. The same goes for the Red Card. As far as you know...

Facebook Page

Follow the facebook page for 5th District Ritual Instruction announcements: https://www.facebook.com/AtlantaCustodian


Here are some Georgia Masonic resources that I've put together and/or found useful.

Map of Districts

Since the Map of Districts (which I've found very useful over the years) has mysteriously disappeared from the Grand Lodge website, here's a link to a small cached version I found: http://morelight.org/mased/ga_dist_map.png

Good news, everyone! I have located this map again, in pdf format: https://glofga.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Georgia-Masonic-Districs-v2.pdf

I have it archived at http://morelight.org/5pix/GLofGA_Districs.pdf and http://morelight.org/5pix/GLofGA_Districs.png

Candidate Care Checklist

A tool to help mentor the candidates' advancement and development.


Degree Planning Checklist

A tool to help the Director of Work plan the various roles during degrees.


New Mason Development

I personally recommend the following schedule for new Masons in their first year after being raised - before taking an office or joining an appendant body!

First Year Masonic Development
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Learn your Catechism! Earn your White Card!
Masonic Etiquette Course
Masonic Symbolism Course
Visit another Lodge
Start your Blue Card!
Rules of Order Course
Masonic History Course
Masonic Mentoring Course
Visit another Lodge
Complete your Blue Card!
Masonic Code Course
Masonic Manual Course
Masonic Investigations Course
Visit another Lodge


Please visit the Education page for more resources!