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This doman was originally for Chamblee (now Chamblee-Sardis) Lodge, then for the Fifth Masonic District of Georgia, then finally for my position as Custodian of the Uniform Work for the Fifth Masonic District of Georgia.

Although I've offered this space to the new Custodian of the Fifth District, he doesn't seem to want it. Since moving to North Carolina, I've remade the primary page for my Odd Fellows lodge; below are things that I believe will be helpful to Georgia Masons.

Safe travels.

- Davo

Davo's Resources

Here are some Georgia Masonic resources that I've put together and/or found useful.

Map of Districts

Since the Map of Districts (which I've found very useful over the years) has mysteriously disappeared from the Grand Lodge website, here's a link to a small cached version I found:

Good news, everyone! I have located this map again, in pdf format:

I have it archived at and

Candidate Care Checklist

A tool to help mentor the candidates' advancement and development.

Degree Planning Checklist

A tool to help the Director of Work plan the various roles during degrees.

New Mason Development

I personally recommend the following schedule for new Masons in their first year after being raised - before taking an office or joining an appendant body!

First Year Masonic Development
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Learn your Catechism! Earn your White Card!
Masonic Etiquette Course
Masonic Symbolism Course
Visit another Lodge
Start your Blue Card!
Rules of Order Course
Masonic History Course
Masonic Mentoring Course
Visit another Lodge
Complete your Blue Card!
Masonic Code Course
Masonic Manual Course
Masonic Investigations Course
Visit another Lodge

Selected Courses

Great for all audiences.


Georgia's Lodge System of Masonic Education for Chamblee-Sardis 444 folks:

For Candidates:

For Entered Apprentices:

For Fellow Crafts:

For Master Masons:


For Entered Apprentices:

For Fellow Crafts:

For Master Masons:

For Mentors:


For Entered Apprentices:

For Fellow Crafts:

For Master Masons:

For Mentors:

Work & Lectures

From February, 2007 to January 2010, I produced a pdf newsletter, for the Metro Atlanta area (originally targeted for members of the DeKalb County Masonic Association), called Work & Lectures. By July of 2007, each issue had an overall theme.

While the "news" aspects have long expired, these issues can still be a good source of information for lodge education programs and personal education. Hopefully these still hold some educational and/or historic value. :)







Jul, Proficiency:

Aug, Visitation:

Sep, Mysteries:

Oct, Grand Lodge:

Nov, Masonic Education:

  • Includes my checklists

Dec, Communication:



Feb, Community:

Mar, Lodge Participation:

Apr, Behind the Scenes:

May, Lodge Finances:

Jun, Memorial Services:

Jul, Investigations:

Aug, Appendant Bodies:

Sep, Why Freemasonry?:

Oct, Newsletters:

Nov, Leadership:

Dec, Sacred Geometry:


Jan, Lodge Programs:

Feb, The Entered Apprentice:

Mar, Lodge Improvement:

Apr, The Fellow Craft:

May, Tolerance:

Jun, The Master Mason:

Jul, Living as a Freemason:

Aug, Ritual Work:

Sep, Religion:

Oct, The Lost Symbol: