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Okay, so I'm playing on Yelinak, where we're about to have LDoN released (I'm writing this in March, 2023), and I realize that I have dozens of expansions to go (Yay!) and I'd like to think ahead and plan gear.

There are so many more excellent sources now that this work will be largely only for me - but then, that's how started anyway. For awesome loot searching, please visit:

I was going to make a bunch of fancy tables, but they're not really needed with all these awesome resources. So, just for fun, I'm making Best-In-Slot tables for non-raiding Shamans at each expansion.

What's the Formatting?

If it's listed here, a Shaman can wear it and can obtain it without any raiding. In period BIS tables below, I'll use the following conventions for no special reason. In fact, I may get bored and just do it all in black anyway. But to start with:

  • All Classes
  • Chain Classes
  • Plate & Chain Classes
  • Priest & Caster Classes
  • Priest Classes (or some whacky mish-mash)
  • Shaman Only!

As a refresher to me, here is how the classes are categorized:

Class Categories
* Plate Chain Leather Silk

L50-60: EQ, RoK, SoV, SoL

I'll redo this with BIS tables for each release.

L65: PoP, LoY, LDoN, GoD

You know, I was going to make all these tables, one for each slot, listing what you can wear and where it comes from and what the main stats are, but already exists, so why should I bother?

Instead, I'm going to list the Best in Slot (BIS) gear for these expansions. Primary criteria will be HP, regardless of what Brohg says. :)


BIS for raiding Shamans - through PoP Expansion
Slot Name AC HP Focus From Wearable
Ammo Grandmaster Smith's Hammer 0 0 Misc Stats Quested: Tradeskills All
Arms Temporal Chainmail Sleeves 48 175 Det Dur 25 / 67 Vallon Zek, PoTime Chain
Back Shroud of Eternity 32 210 n/a Quarm, PoTime All
Charm Intricate Wooden Figurine 17 80 n/a Quest: Storytime All
Chest Rosrok's Haueberk of the Primal 69 185 Det Dur 25 / 67 Innoruk/Quarm, PoTime Chain Mold
Ear Earring of Influxed Gravity 25 210 Inc Rng 25 / 67 Quarm, PoTime Priest/Caster
Ear Earring Unseen Horrors 20 175 Ben Cast 30 / 67 Cazic Thule, PoTime Priest/Caster
Face Visor of the Berzerker 52 195 Inc Rng 25 / 67 Rallos Zek, PoTime Plate/Chain
Feet Winged Storm Boots 44 180 Faerune Tallon Zek, PoTime Chain
Finger Prismatic Ring of Resistance 30 210 +Resist AA Quarm, PoTime Plate/Chain/Leather
Finger Pulsing Onyx Ring 25 190 Ben Dur 25 / 67 Bertoxxulous, PoTime All
Hands Gloves of Airy Mists 45 195 n/a Innoruuk, PoTime Plate/Chain
Head Coif of Flowing Time 43 175 n/a Terris Thule, PoTime Plate/Chain
Legs Leggings of Furious Might 54 200 n/a Bertoxxulous, PoTime Chain
Neck Talisman of the Elements 30 220 Mana Pres 20 / 67 1492, MmC/BbM All
Power Source n/a - - n/a Not Available n/a
Primary Time's Antithesis 15 175 Clicky Slow Saryrn, PoTime Shaman
Range Symbol of the Planemasters 25 170 DoT Dur 30 / 67 Terris Thule, PoTime All
Secondary Whorl of Unnatural Forces 80 220 Imp Heal 30 / 67 Quarm, PoTime Priest
Shoulders Shawl of Eternal Forces 25 210 +FT AA Quarm, PoTime Priest/Caster
Waist Belt of Temporal Bindings 25 185 n/a Bertoxxulous, PoTime All
Wrist Bracer of the Inferno 40 210 Cast Time 23 / 67 Quarm, PoTime Chain
Wrist Bracer of Precision 24 100 Ice Nukes 35 / 67 Tallon Zek, PoTime Plate/Chain/Leather
Total - 768 3870 ? - -


Just kidding, not much to see here.


BIS for non-raiding Shamans - through LDoN Expansion
Slot Name AC T1AC HP T2HP Notes
Ammo Grandmaster Smith's Hammer 0 0 Misc Stats
Arms Incorporeal Arms of the Specter 29 8 80 40 1492 and 1150, Mir/EfFP; 510, Ruj/Com
Back Cloak of the Lost Oasis 14 80 1492, Tak/NRo
Charm Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem 10 100 Quest: Wayfarer's Brotherhood Adventurer's Stone
Chest Incorporeal Chain of the Specter 69 8 100 40 1492 and 1150, Mir/EfFP; 510, Ruj/Com
Ear Iron Cog Earring 10 100 Quest: Escort the Gnome
Ear Earring of Silent Screams 5 75 1492, Mir/EfP
Face Silver Face Mask of Steelslaves 12 75 1492, Ruj/Com
Feet Incorporeal Boots of the Specter 24 8 70 40 1492 and 1150, Mir/EfFP; 510, Ruj/Com
Finger Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV 10 100 Quest: Coldain Ring Series
Finger Ring of Mold 10 85 1492, Guk/SRo
Hands Incorporeal Gauntlets of the Specter 24 8 75 40 1492 and 1150, Mir/EfFP; 510, Ruj/Com
Head Incorporeal Helm of the Specter 29 8 75 40 1492 and 1150, Mir/EfFP; 510, Ruj/Com
Legs Incorporeal Greaves of the Specter 38 8 85 40 1492 and 1150, Mir/EfFP; 510, Ruj/Com
Neck Trinket of Cured Flesh 12 75 1492, MmC/BbM
Power Source n/a - - Not Available
Primary Dathor Great Hammer 2 100 Drops from Shak Dathor Warlord in Umbral Plains
Class: All except BRD, ROG, NEC, WIZ, MAG, ENC
Range Ancient Sand Gem 9 75 1492, Tak/NRo
Secondary Buccaneer's Shield of Pillaging 50 75 Drops from Grimzek in Hates Fury
Class: All except MNK, BST, BER
Shoulders Blessing of Agnarr 25 85 Drops from Eindride Icestorm in Torden, Bastion of Thunder
Waist Kylong Darkmail Girdle 15 60 Drops from an undead chef in Veksar
Wrist Incorporeal Wristband of the Specter 23 8 70 40 1492 and 1150, Mir/EfFP; 510, Ruj/Com
Wrist Incorporeal Wristband of the Specter 23 8 70 40 1492 and 1150, Mir/EfFP; 510, Ruj/Com
Total 443 64 1710 320 32,676, various camps
LDoN item can almost all take Type 1 (ex: +8 AC), Type 2 (ex: +40 HP), and Type 3 (ex: Focus) augs

Note: I've left off some PoFire drops which really require a raid at this point, but may be one-groupable with the next level increase.


L70: OoW, DoN, DoD, PoR

L75-80: TSS, TBS, SoF

L85-95: SoD, U, HoT, VoA

L100-115: RoS, TBL, ToV, CoV

L120-?: ToL, NoS, ?