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I just ordered a USB keyboard for macro keys, so I'll detail them here when I have them figured out. I'll be looking for others' screenshots and advice.

So far what I've found is:

Trollout Excerpts

So far what I have also came from Trollout's guide:

I set up two healing macros to make it even easier:

/cast 1
/cast 2
/cast 6

/cast 3
/cast 4
/cast 5v

I rotate clicking those two hot bar buttons while the tank is targeted through the Extended Target Window. When it is getting super bad, lets say the tank drops to 50-60% HP I have another Macro for that situation:

UoS AG [XT1]:
/timer 7200,/xtarget1
/alt act 662
/pause 7,/alt act 614
/cast 3

BUFFS Right out of the box Heroic 85 Shaman's buff aren't really going to do much for level 85+, but you can buff lowbies. After going through spell book this is what I came up with:

1. Talisman of Unity
2. Talisman of the Resolute (Faster heals)
3. Spirit of Scale(Spirit of Tala'Tak for your level.)
4. Tailsman of Celerity(Eventually get the AA at level 96, RoF)

When you get to level 95+, 105 would be ideal this is what I use:
Talisman of Kolos' Unity(replaced your regular Tailsman of Unity spell, you can get this at level 95)
Talisman of Tribunal - Shields party from poison and disease for 2:30:00, pretty useful for dealing with names and mobs that like to debuff, you can get this at 104.
Talisman of Celerity I - Increased movement and melee speed(Haste) for 00:36:00
Talisman of Faithful - Hastens groups natural healing, helps group recover HP faster for 00:36:00
Spirit of Tala'Tak - Increases groups run and attack rating for 00:36:00
The unity spells cast a few buffs in itself. The text says, "(The text on this says "Fills your group with a preeminent foresight, mammoth's force, imperative focusing, and a spirit of resolve. These effects will improve their avoidance, melee damage, maximum hit points, strength, dexterity, stamina and maximum endurance", so I know this seems like not a lot but by time your done you'll have given everyone what they need from the Shaman.

If you're feeling nice you can go to where ever the lag piles is on your server and buff everyone using Mass Group Buff. The people of Norrath will be grateful.

Also, you need to cast Tranquil Blessing before each spell, you need to cast Tranquil Blessing before each spell, I believe it's like a 30 second cool down.

You can load the spell book and make a simple macro for this:

Buff Macro 1:
/alt act 992
/cast 1
/pause 300,/alt act 992
/cast 2

Buff Macro 1:
/alt act 992
/cast 3
/pause 300,/alt act 992
/cast 4

There ya go, you can Mass Group Buff using macros. It's even easier for your group.

Group Buff Macro:
/cast 1
/pause 22,/cast 2
/pause 22,/cast 3
/pause 22,/cast 4

One and two click buttons, and you can choose everyone or your group. Pretty cool!