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Shaman Spell Table

As a returning player, I wanted to know what spells were available at what level in each of several categories, so I pored over the Allakhazam's spell list and here is what I came up with.

If you're doing fine in the content you're facing, there's no need to run back to POK to get new spells every few levels. As you get higher level, this changes a bit.

I'm sure there are errors and improvements, so please help me fix this for those taking this journey in the future.

Level Resist Debuff Slow Root DoT, Efficient Canni Pet Heal, Single Heal, Group HoT, Single HoT, Group Stat Buff Haste Cat Proc
10 Drowsy Tainted Breath Inner Fire Inner Fire
20 Malaise Walking Sleep Root Affliction Healing
30 Tagar's Insects Envenomed Breath Canni Greater Healing Quickness
32 Companion Spirit Talisman of Tnarg
40 Malaisement Togor's Insects Instill Venom of the Snake Canni II Guardian Spirit Spirit Salve Talisman of Altuna
50 Malosi Odium Frenzied Spirit Kragg's Salve Stoicism Talisman of Jacinth Alacrity Spirit of the Puma
51 Turgur's Insects Immobilize
55 Anathema Canni III Spirit of the Howler Chloroblast Talisman of Kragg
60 Malo Paralyzing Earth Anc. Scourge of Nife Canni IV True Spirit Kragg's Mending Torpor Khura's Focusing Celerity Spirit of the Jaguar
65 Malos Balance of Nihil? Petrifying Earth Bane Ancient Chaotic Pain Daluda's Mending Breath of Trushar Focus of the Seventh Talisman of Celerity Spirit of the Leopard
70 Nectar of Pain Ancient Ancestral Calling Ferrel's Companion Ancient Wilslik's Mending Spiritual Serenity Ghost of Renewal Wunshi's Focusing Spirit of the Panther
75 Malosinise Juju Ancestral Bargain Kyrah's Faithful Ahnkaul's Mending Halcyon Breeze Specter of Renewal Talisman of the Dire Talisman of the Panther
80 Malosinatia Blood of Kerafyrm Ancestral Hearkening Vegu's Faithful Gemmi's Mending Ancestral Intervention Halcyon Zephyr Shade of Renewal Talisman of the Bloodworg Talisman of the Cougar
85 Malosinea Blood of Jaled'Dar Ancestral Obligation Aina's Faithful Anticedent's Intervention Antecedent's Intervention Halcyon Whisper Shadow of Renewal Talisman of Unity Talisman of the Lynx
90 Malosene CBS? Spinechiller Blood Ancestral Covenant Wurt's Faithful Reckless Mending Qirik's Recourse Halcyon Gust Penumbra of Renewal Talisman of Soul's Unity Talisman of the Tiger
95 Maloseneta CBS? Naeya Blood Ancestral Arrangement Hilnaah's Faithful Reckless Remedy Gotikan's Recourse Halcyon Breath Phantom of Renewal Talisman of Kolos' Unity Talisman of the Lion
100 Malosenia Restoring CBS? Shackle Phase Spider Blood Ancestral Pact Kriegas' Faithful Reckless Restoration Blezon's Recourse Halcyon Shear Whisp of Renewal Talisman of the Courageous Talisman of the Snow Leopard
105 Malosinete Regenerating CBS? Reef Crawler Blood Tribal Pact Olesira's Faithful Reckless Regeneration Krasir's Recourse Halcyon Bluster Shear of Renewal Talisman of the Doomscale Talisman of the Leopard
110 Malosinata Ameliorating CBS? Scorpicus Blood Tribal Bargain Mirtuk's Faithful Reckless Rejuvination Eyrzekla's Recourse Halcyon Billow Cloud of Renewal Talisman of the Wulthan Talisman of the Sabretooth
115 Malosinara Refreshing CBS? Restless Blood Ancient Bargain Grondo's Faithful Reckless Renewal Zrelik's Recourse Halcyon Wind Spectre of Renewal Talisman of the Ry'Gorr Symbol of Celerity Talisman of the Lioness
120 Malosinetra Effervescent CBS? Desperate Vampyre Blood Hoary Agreement Diabo Sivuela's Faithful Reckless Resurgence Rowain's Recourse Halcyon Squall Spirit of Renewal Talisman of the Usurper Talisman of the Kerran

Spell Sets

For various activities, a hotkey with /memspellset [name] makes things a lot easier to handle. Here are some sample sets for buffing, soloing, and grouping on your trek to top level. I really need to up my hotkey game.

What are they?

Spellsets allow you to quickly change some or all of your memorized spells. I personally find it best to only change the ones you need, so that you don't waste time changing spells unnecessarily. I prefer to keep my detrimental or "use on enemies" spells near the top/front, and my beneficial or "use on allies" spells near the bottom. I'll add spell slots as I get them, but just ignore the ones you don't have - the first eight are the most important. For each category, you'll obviously want to use the highest version you have.

How do I make them?

Mem the spells you want in your spell set, leaving the others empty and then right-click on the sepllbook icon and select the option to make a new set and give it a name. Easy! Note that you must sit down to change spells.

My Spellsets

I'm back to maining a Shaman on Yelinak, so this will progress as the server and I do.

Level 43


At level 43, my lineups are:

Gem Main / Group Prep Travel Buff
1 Incapacitate
2 Togor's Insects
3 Instill
4 Canibalize II
5 Spirit Salve Talisman of Altuna Enduring Breath Talisman of Altuna
6 Chloroplast Chloroplast Levitate Frenzy
7 Spirit of Bih'Li Bind Affinity Spirit of Bih'Li Spirit of Bih'Li
8 Alacrity Guardian Spirit Shrink Alacrity

Level 65

PoP / LDoN / GoD

As a Level 65 Shaman in a raiding guild, here's my lineup pre-GoD (TA for clicky slows!):

Gem Main / Group
1 Malos
2 Malicious Decay
3 Swap-in others as needed
4 Focus of Soul (for rebuffing the dead)
5 Feral Avatar (for buffing melees)
6 Tnarg's Mending
7 Quiescence
8 Cannibalization IV



I thought that (finally!) getting a TA would free up a spell-gem, but Balance of Discord is faster and better. Still, I click the TA if the spell bounces, while it refreshes. Plus, 9th gem! Spiritual Channeling AA is great for rebuffing FAST after a wipe.

Gem Main Travel Group Rebuffs
1 Debuff Malos Resist Buff T. Tribunal
2 Slow Balance of Discord Invisibility Attack S. Bihli
3 Pet Farrel's Companion Levitation Haste T. Celerity
4 Focus F. Wunshi Focus T. Wunshi
5 Melee Buff Champion
6 Heal Daluda's Mending
7 HoT Spiritual Serenity
8 Canni Spell Pained Memory
9 DoT Blood of Yoppa Regen B. Replenishment