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The EQ_Shaman category will contain pages relevant to the EverQuest Shaman class that I find useful.

Fleshing this out mostly.

Sites to look at:

Just because I want this list somwhere, here are the Shaman-specific titles available:

Shaman Titles
Title Requirement
Ancient 24+ AAs spent in Class Tier
Mystic 24+ AAs spent in Class Tier
Oracle 24+ AAs spent in Class Tier
Seer 24+ AAs spent in Class Tier
Heyokah Epic 1.0 Completed
Fateseer Epic 1.5 Completed
Spiritwalker Epic 2.0 Completed
Apprentice Alchemist 100+ Alchemy
Journeyman Alechemist 200+ Alchemy
Expert Alchemist 250+ Alchemy
Master Alchemist 300+ Alchemy
Grandmaster Alchemist 350 Alchemy

Shaman Gear

I started to make tables up, but there are so many well-done sites out there already, what's the point?

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