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When I started playing EQ in 2001, it was a much different world. Information was hard to find, and I wound up with (figuratively) hundreds of little notes about how or where to do what in-game, including hand-drawn and printed-out maps. As I collected this info, I decided to post it online so that others would not have to reinvent the wheel. That evolved into, the class forums and plenty of game information.

After having raided through Prophecy of Ro (2006) and played casually into The Buried Sea (2007), my work and income changed drastically, and I had to stop playing and eventually even let the site go and the domain expire.

Fast forward to December, 2022, and the urge to play returned. Most of the advice for new or returning players that I could find essentially said:

  1. Start a new character.
  2. Do the tutorial and beginning quests.
  3. Take Defiant Armor as it drops.
  4. Get only the most important spells (and later AAs) every 5-10 levels.
  5. Get to within ~20% of max level (at this writing, max level is 120 and people are advised not to focus on gearing up until the 80s).,
  6. Get to max level and then grind a LOT of AAs (at this writing, there are four characters on Magelo tied with 74,377 AAs).

That's all well and good, and I understand that getting from 1 to 100 may only take a month or two, but there were still many questions not easily answered - to some extent due to updates causing conflicting information.

So, again, this guide will be primarily for me, and will cater to the needs of a solo/molo/group-based player (there are still many sources for raiders) although others are obviously welcome to read it and apply anything they find useful. If you really need to message me with some addition, correction, or whatever, I'm Lord_Davo on Reddit. I do want to /cheer both Fanra's EQ Wiki and The Firiona Vie Project, which are exactly what I'd have liked to have evolved into... if things had been different.

I started back by boxing an all-Iksar team in Dec 2022:

  • A Shaman (of course) named Samenna (Samanna was already taken on FV)
  • A Shadow Knight named Shojito (this replaced a Magician named... Samonna)
  • A Necromancer named Saminna

By mid February I had gotten them all to the low 70s free-to-play, and then I subscribed the Shaman and SK. With the subscriber and the February discounts, I went Heroic on both and am now farming for their Epics. I found some reasonably priced +34 AC augs (and a +53AC shield-only aug) in the bazaar for the SK, but the Shaman is still un-augged. It seems silly to put +25 hp/mana augs onto a toon with literally over 60k mana and over 100k HP (when buffed).

For easy reference, I've created (and linked in the sidebar) the following categories, each of which lists all the pages in that category. It's new, but hopefully it will grow. I'm not keeping up with the Necro info any longer.


Older Saves

The following pages are from a backup taken around February 2007 (around when The Buried Sea came out), and might be of interest to folks, especially on progression servers or emulators. The file names should give you an idea of the content. The shtml menus don't work, so this is your navigation tool.

Enjoy! :)

General Info

Shaman Info